I want to live in a cottage now.

A case where selfies made it into a defense argument.

Two selfies: one, of a girl well-done and another one, of the same girl, with teary eyes
Mari Ferrer, survivor

It really is a fun weekend project.

As of the 2018 New Coder Survey, 31,000 people were learning how to code. In 2020 I became a code student myself.

Illustration from https://minerandodados.com.br/prevendo-dados-com-janelas-deslizantes-usando-python/

As técnicas de Marketing Digital estão se tornado mais e mais com aquelas usadas no início da criação da Internet

Flame by Icons 8

The Flordelis case: a pastor, singer, congresswoman, mother to 55 children, and now, a criminal. Not the girl power we needed.

The pastor, gospel singer, congresswoman, mother to 55 children, Flordelis

Women are becoming notorious producers of the genre and honestly, I love it.

A pair of metal handcuffs and key, on top of digital prints
by https://unsplash.com/@bill_oxford

Camila Moraes Barbosa

I like writing and reading a lot. Languages: Portuguese, English, and French. Compre meu livro: https://amzn.to/3lAW34I

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